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Welcome to the First Galactic Bank (FGB), your one stop banking solution.  There are currently 9273 members using this banking system.  Those members are divided into 8 separate organizations.  Each organization runs their own economic system.  This is a role-playing system.  There is no connection to real life in any way, other than just existing for fun.  You must be a member of one of the organizations associated with this bank in order to have an account with us.

Being a member of the FGB, you will get your own account, and the ability to access other member only features.  All members have a responsibility to keep their account(s) up to date (i.e. e-mail address, icq number, aim nick, etc.).  There are certain expenses associated with your style of living (i.e. food expenses, housing expenses, etc.).  Star Wars characters all had to pay rent sometime.

The online banking system is fairly self-explanatory.  Members can view their account settings, edit their style of living, edit their account profile, password, e-mail address,etc.  If there are any problems with your account, please contact your banking administrator right away.  There are links in the password-protected areas to email your administration. 

The Fortune Guild is a group of account holders who have gained enough wealth to be considered one of the top-50 in net worth. 

To enter the First Galactic Bank, insert your account username and password, which are case sensitive, on the member's only log in page.

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